Charities and small sports organizations in Israel need all the help they can get to raise funds that will help them reach their goals. With your help they can do more for their intended audience. We have connections to 6 social media website. You can ask for your friends help from these websites.

We encourage you to help charities and sports organizations raise funds. You can start either a campaign or a project for them. Of course, they have to approve your campaign or project before it is launched. When you finish creating either the campaign or project we will send the organization a message requesting their approval. Once they do, we will notify you by email and you could launch the campaign or project.

To create a campaign or a project for an organization, you need to first login to our website. If you don't have an account with us you can register very quickly with the help of one of 6 social networks website. To login, here. To Register click here.

You can also start a campaign for yourself. To do so, you must first login or register to Amuta Tech website. To login to Amuta Tech website, here. To Register click here.