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The association was founded in -7.1.96. We are legally registered corporation. Our Parent Association is the Israel Sports Association (RA). We represent the sport swimming - all of the industries that are the responsibility of the swimming World Swimming Association (FINA) including swimming, art swimming, open water, diving and swim Masters.  The association organizes the official state championship - Championship Swimming Association determines the official youth and adults in each of the following categories: swimming, art swimming and open water.



Our goals

  • A. developing and promoting sport swim Israel.
  • B.
    • Determining and implementing statutes, regulations, procedures and arrangements in coordination with the statutes and regulations of the industry's international association.  
    • The implementation of rules Wada (World Organization to prevent prohibited substances in sport), in accordance with the Code to prevent doping in sport will be valid from time to time.
  • C. Organization league and cup competitions and other sports enterprises in the industry.
  • D. Selected Israel organization in the industry, different ages, care taking and promotion.
  • E. Development of international relations with sectoral associations, sports associations


The union has been working for many years for competitions in the country. We help many athletes join the organization and devote major efforts to foster and promote them. Industry weightlifting is one of the leading sports in Israel, as they find expression granted the Olympics, world championships and European championships. We are blessed with outstanding athletes as individuals and as a team competition. This is a sector which successfully combines coaches, athletes and referees with native-born immigrants. Our challenge to produce enlightening champions a solid foundation for children and youth in all fields of exercise through Olympic Committee and Elite Sport Department, Sports Administration of the Ministry of Culture and Sports, Gambling Board, municipalities, centers, sports associations, and schools. These young people will train with the best coaches in the best facilities, we can Together, provide them. Help us to help our athletes. 


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