About Us

Tormim Net was established in 2015 in CA USA. The company goal is to help Americans and Israelis who wish create campaigns and raise funds for good causes.

Crowd funding is very common in the US but not in Israel. Many Israelis start campaigns with American based companies and rarely get to their intended audience in Israel. Campaigns that run on US based networks are in English only. Tormim introduces to people in Israel and USA the first crowdfunding company that uses 6 languages. It also makes use of 6 social media websites to help campaigners reach wider audience.

Our fees are lower and our service if far superior to American based crowdfunding websites. We allow you create boost your campaign at social media websites. You will reach wider audience and raise more funds using our website. You will keep more of the money you raised through us. Try us and you will understand.

We serve also charities and sports organizations that need donations to survive in the Israeli reality. Our fees are lower to them too and our website is more effective than elsewhere.

We are:

Ean Jackson is a true friend of Israel. He went to School at TCU in Texas and graduated with a M.Sc. in Computer Engineering. He worked for many years at IBM as one of the top executives. A decade or so ago, he got fed up with it and now he is consultant helping others put it together and become successful. Ean is very active person. He still jogs regularly, climbs mountains, and visits faraway places. He first came to Israel in 1978 and fell inlove with the country and the people he met. He is a strong supporter of Israel in Canada.

Segal Ronen Saieva who is board member of American Friends of Israel and the president of Tormim Net organization. Segal also was born also in Israel and moved to the US with her parents in 1979. She went to Long Beach State and graduated with B.A. in History. Segal is married and has 2 beautiful children. She worked as an executive in number of businesses in Southern California and we are blessed to have her on our side.